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[Service actual combat] the guest is more important
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Recently, suzhou Chinese meal increased even locksmith two competitor again- - × × chicken and × × chicken, they give birth to enthusiasm grand with delicate food, easy environment, good service. This makes I also am unable to bear or endure go sampling before delicate temptation. If it is so, just went up step already smelled the fragrance with white behead tangy chicken. The white behead chicken that very fast clerk already had cut one bag to me with respect to the requirement according to me and end of one pouch ginger and one pouch soy, I am right clerk say: "Because I like to eat Jiang Mo happily particularly, so whether give me a bag again. "" Is am sorry, this is the regulation in our inn, a client can have a bag of Jiang Mo and a bag of sauce only. "The clerk is very polite

The ground answers. I can stop at this point only.

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Answer itself of the clerk is inerrable, because the boss comes down the regulation surely, it is OK that the clerk should be abided by only, but the problem is a boss Jiang Mo and guest had thought when placing this regulation which more important. The guest is sacred not be to be put on the mouth to sing, want those who come out to be reflected in real operation however. Allegedly employee of shop of × × chicken wants to be gotten in inn strip before go to work calling client of such as " in the street is client of sacred " , " it is right " forever the catchword of and so on, this is apparent words and deeds is abhorrent. There must be a guest in the heart, have guest idea, go pondering over a problem from guest footing, company ability is in competition remain invincible. The standard of all enterprises and compasses choose a site for the capital should be to make of guest satisfaction a kind of method, is not a purpose, the purpose should be contented guest demand. When a few regulations already when block up satisfies guest requirement better should seasonable edit afresh, because satisfy guest requirement to business operator,be an enterprise this, be most the most important. Jiang Mo and guest, the guest is more important.

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