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Case is analysed - financial department 1
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Mr Wang Lin enters 808 rooms at 18 days, this guest is to use the credit card of industrial and commercial bank to pay fee, did 1000 yuan into the member that silver closes when living beforehand accredit processing. After be being entered, the guest asks add lives 3 days, at this moment already 1000 yuan credit card pays accredit the following fee not quite, the member that receive silver asks a guest to show credit card to undertake pressing blocking accredit again, the guest does not agree, reject to show credit card.


To the guest explanatory peony blocks a piece of manual paperboard to be able to fill in only an accredit number and brushstroke accredit amount, this is the regulation that work goes, request guest forgives the inconvenience that brings to him from this, apologize to the guest.

Hold the guest that has credit card has advantageous feeling commonly in consumption, the hope is in formalities respect is to be able to get quick service, do not hope to appear troublesome issue, this is the guest psychology that we must know. Same, the member that receiving silver undertakes with credit card beforehand when accredit, should give in time to the guest's doubt explanation, dest clerk should ask clear guest when dealing with stop add for the guest the plan joins day of number as far as possible, so that receive silver member affirmatory accredit amount. The kind that also can carry phone accredit in the circumstance of enlightened phone accredit additionally undertakes beforehand accredit, ask a guest to show credit card to make the processing that press check again when settle accounts can, avoided the guest's trouble as far as possible.

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