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[Hotel case] pensile ensign also this lawfully
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3 consumer give out to hotel of some concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals eat, when preparation leaves a public house, the store division of banner of Special Administrative Region of the pensile Chinese ensign on before discovering this hotel door suddenly 3 flagpole, Hong Kong and this hotel lies same horizontal on. Later, they discover hotel of additionally two concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals also is put in such problem. 3 consumer maintain the practice of hotel of class of star of these 3 concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, disobeyed badly " ensign law " , it is behavior of a kind of tort. Then their basis " ensign law " the 15th regulation and " consumer rights and interests protects a law " concerned article, one paper indictment tells public house of these 3 concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals the court.

Accuser thinks, ensign is respected as the indicative behoove of People's Republic of China. The behavior of the accused, form affront to accuser, make the feeling of accuser is harmed greatestly, damaged the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, the accused should basis " consumer rights and interests protects a law " the 14th regulation, ' consumer is being bought, use commodity and when accepting a service, enjoy its character dignity, ethical habit gains valued influence ' and the interest that maintains consumer self-consciously. They request: 1. Sentence your the accused to reach all citizen to publish an apology to 3 accuser, correct its to violate act. 2. Return loss of 3 accuser spirit to expend 1949.15 yuan. 4. Bear this case lawsuit cost. Court already put on record is accepted.

The general manager of hotel of 3 the accused is in after be informed this matter, all express to will cooperate actively, had done rectify and reform the job.

Comment on:

People's Republic of China " ensign law " the 15th regulation: "Litre hang ensign ought to the place with ensign prominent park, ensign and other colors rise at the same time when hanging, ought to ensign park center, the position that perhaps stresses higher. When the flag that raises the country that hangs two above at the same time in external affairs activity, ought to according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs set or international convention rises hang.

The practice of 3 hotels was to disobey apparently " ensign law " regulation, behoove is rectified and reform. It is actually inside countrywide limits, disobey " ensign law " be afraid more than still these a few, it is truer without the person only stopped. Because the behavior of these 3 consumer gets person attention all the more, they are in consumption while, still had the effect that a citizen monitors, this explains the legal idea of people was strengthened. If every citizen has this kind of consciousness, so illegal thing perhaps is met little a bit.

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