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The innovation that always stops ceaselessly
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1956, because of the film " railroad guerrilla " and lakefront of famed Shandong small hill is built had a hotel. After 50 years, guesthouse of small hill lake has become the SamSung class hotel of type of a gardens, passed ISO9001, 14001 quality 2002 / attestation of environmental management system.

Guesthouse of small hill lake held to a criterion in old development, that is the innovation that always stops ceaselessly.

To have subtle management and service better, at the beginning of 2005, guesthouse undertakes contacting with group of Tsinghua university Hua Yi, configured Hua Yi hotel management software and associate equipment of PC, server, network, turn network management through intelligence, implemented a system book on the net inside, inquiry and feedback, shortened the distance with guest, straightened client relation, fostered staunch clientele. In addition, each management branch serves as profit center to undertake business accounting, pass the finance affairs of set

Administrative system undertakes scientific performance is assessed; Will purchase, human affairs, financial, project unites bureau region to manage mode, form integrated form a complete set, concentration unified, interactive in coordination, the digitlization of lead meet an emergency and intelligence change subtle management system, ensured guesthouse is in the competitive advantage in information society.

The dietary culture of small hill lake is having long history, it is the main component of canal food culture. To form the local gust distinguishing feature with small hill particular lake, guesthouse established food laboratory, expedite chef, visit lake area each corner, study cook method of folk to broad fisherman, discard the dross and select the essential, energy industry spy, one branch one Xie Yi bine, lotus of Gorgon euryale of cattail of reed of water chestnut lotus root, birds of turtle of crab of piscine shrimp eel, the beauty of the lake area refined taste of fim of abdomen of lip of bowel of leather fish glue respectfullies present guest, rolled out one a complete set of to contain full-bodied the local characteristic dish of gust of small hill lake is, got epicure people the welcome with broad guest. Measure food quality standard and subtle service level at the same time organic union, staff level bill of fare, right advocate makings, burden, condiment, vessel, manufacture the person, method that make undertake making clear formulary, to stabilize and examine food quality quantity provided a basis. Science deploys resource, optimize personnel to form, reform salary allocation mechanism, link up with of outstanding achievement of performance of working station, job and wage income, individual, aroused the working enthusiasm of employee. Begin ort to comment on an activity, clerk and chef are communicated in time, dish and service are uninterrupted get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, welcome by guest.

In recent years, guesthouse of small hill lake is in Shandong provincial take the lead in Chinese style of will traditional instead of Western-style make the bed makes a bed, grass of guest room cloth changes to spend lubricious cloth grass for complete cotton, all guests inside the room use different label with article, facilitating guest is used respectively. Provide to the cup inside the room, the program that the article such as phone and remote controller presses a regulation strictly undertakes cleaning alexipharmic, entire brand changes articles for use. Roll out ritzy odd world in succession, super- between big bed, marriage room. Furniture of renown lake room is used entirely pure furniture of wood of natural oak, cane, guest room configured Internet interface, installed sauna to do evaporate room and surf bath, satisfy need of guest of high-grade business affairs.
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