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[Analysis] take a guest seriously " beg a balance " state of mind
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Some day of dusk, group of tourism of one Hong Kong ended " Guangzhou swims one day " , returned staying restaurant. However, be less than ten minutes, a of tourism group middleaged female the leader of a sports team came to big with respect to smooth foot, quarrelsome forward stage complains guest room clerk.

Original, when setting out in the morning, clerk of this guest room of floor of requirement of female the leader of a sports team adds hank toilet paper for the room, but this clerk keeps the demand of this guest on minute book of hand over to the next shift only however, did not emphasize pointing out particularly with carry on clerk. Result, next second the clerk sees there still is the rest inside guest room toilet half bumf, did not add again. Result, after this guest comes back, agitatedly. No matter a few downstage clerks how admonish, explanation, she holds to smooth foot to stand in as before say aloud in the center of old hall: "Your service simply abysmal. " the look that draws a lot of guest curiosity. Be on duty manager and manager of guest Wu department arrived very quickly, see this situation this scene, they let a clerk take a pair of comfortable slipper at the same time, comfort a guest to say at the same time: "Our service is to have the place that becomes not quite well, ask your disappear calm one's anger, we attend a meeting sit to talk inside passenger compartment, ? " at this moment guest manner alleviates gradually come down, be on duty to pass and solve the specific opinion of the problem what the manager enquired whole episode patiently to the guest, be on duty finally the manager distributed hank toilet paper to every room of tourism group on behalf of restaurant, gave excuse compote to this guest. After the event, via understanding to this group conduct a sightseeing tour, this the leader of a sports team because to travel agent a few things such as the journey that day arrange dissatisfaction, reason mood is bad, because of,also be its Central Plains one of.

Comment on: Will analyse from psychological angle, this case is the special report of consumer psychology individual character above all. Because the psychology of consumer gets at any time,social environment reachs the influence of individual affection, mood. Take the individual's affection, mood restaurant when them, inevitable meeting affects whole consumption process. Appear as a result of the communication between guest room clerk problem, bring about a guest to burst into fury because of half bumf. Although the thing is small, but as a result of guest mood and psychological reason, the undesirable effect of occurrence consequence and generation is very serious however. alleged heart is followed condition turn, the guest is in the likelihood below the condition with normaller mood, call to be able to solve a problem with connection of customer service center. But at that time, the guest's psychology is uncomfortable, hold back is worn gas, these half bumf became a visitor undoubtedly a fuse of undesirable mood drain.
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