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Seek airline ticket owner of lost property
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A day morning, zhangzhou is clearing some hotel clerk is young weeks when some guest room is wholesome, discovered 50 Xiamen flew to 15 ∶ a piece that day inside the chipboard interlining that discards in a piece of guest the airline ticket of Hangzhou, report Xiaohuang of attendant of room Wu center at once; The immediately after Xiaohuang receives a report reports Xiaohe of old hall assistant manager again, emphasizing designedly is the airliner that day afternoon. Xiaohe is in the airline ticket that receives guest room clerk to deliver hurriedly for a short while, time is 10 ∶ 30 minutes, the guest returns a house already, if did not contact a guest in time, the guest can miss a scheduled flight probably accordingly, is the guest in which? How to contact?

Can find information certainly from airline ticket, xiaohe treats airline ticket carefully, see as expected " red phoenix travel agent " a few small character. The Zhangzhou friend that be informed airline ticket eventually after many connection is owner of lost property Mr Chen buys on sb's behalf, xiaohe and synchronism of both sides of agreement of red phoenix travel agent get in touch with Mr Chen.

Small He Yi dials the telephone of Mr Chen, cannot put through, good put through not easily, the other side does not pick up the telephone however... perhaps be right now inconvenience receives Mr Chen hear a telephone call, xiaohe show resourcefulness in an emergency thought of to send a short message.

"Mr Chen, hello! I am Zhangzhou some guesthouse is downstage, yellow such-and-such involuntary discharge of urine left your friend a piece this afternoon 15 ∶ the 50 airline ticket that fly to Hangzhou, assistant manager is in the Tai Datang before now, help please connection! " arrive to ensure information is received by the other side, xiaohe sent this message 5 times continuously.

Mr Huang telephoned! Yellow before gentleman did not realize he already lost airline ticket at all, shopping in Xiamen, this ability is driven toward Zhangzhou at once after the telephone call that receives Mr Chen. Seeing time is 11 ∶ 00 still be less than, xiaohe this ability relaxed heart.

Stop before guesthouse total stage when car of taxi of a Xiamen when, xiaohe is taking the airline ticket whirl that has enclosed with the letter already, checking join airline ticket in his hand after concerned certificate with Mr Huang. Knowing is Mr Huang haste hurries on with his journey, too excited still, quite a while said only: "Many thanks! "Many thanks!!

"Fasten please polite, live in our guesthouse, encounter inconvenience we can help you solve, fall next things, we can think for you method remands, resemble be like the home... " . Mr Huang just nods persistently, his eyes represented everything.

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This is it is difficult to be solved urgently to give a guest the platoon first, urgent guest place is urgent, try every means, effective play is communicated with harmonious, the working manner that works in order to use a heart and consistency quality standard provide a service, turn the service into the classic case that good heart learns the guest finally.
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