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Quality management design is first
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"I just live two days, how to receive me so much money ah? Make a mistake? " aloud of small Guo of the member that one face receives silver questioningly to total stage asks a middleaged male customer.

Face of small Guo of the member that receive silver brings smilingly answer: "Oh, forgot to tell you, you explained total stage to say yesterday, the Zhang sheet that lives in 906 lodger person comes by you settle accounts, came out more so. Came out more so..

"How may I have such explaining? 906 rooms do not have any relations with me, it is clear that you are checked to me at once, I can want to drive the train! " middleaged client is opposite apparently Xiaoguo's explanation is not clear, angry loud shout.

The hubbub of total stage caused the attention of Xiaozhu of old hall assistant manager, she enquires a circumstance instantly. Xiaoguo is informed, come this guest of settle accounts is Mr Wu that lives formerly in 908 rooms. The basis joins a class this record, mr Wu explained the Zhang sheet that says 906 rooms to total stage yesterday by 908 rooms along with all the others settle accounts. 906 houses live one day only, so we collect fee of a day of his room more, but today Mr Wu not acknowledge a debt.

Assistant manager Xiaozhu checked old hall to join a class this, the record handwriting above is illegible, 908 medium " 8 " it is it seems that " 5 " . Then she understands the situation of 905 rooms next: 905 rooms are this locality the length of a company includes a house, cash pledge number is larger. She is contacted with 905 lodger person at once, answer: He is in yesterday is to have explain the Zhang sheet that says 906 rooms to be bought by him to total stage. The thing makes a thorough investigation of eventually, it is hand over to the next shift so this notes is scratchy, small Guo of the member that receive silver misreads be caused by. Xiaozhu of old hall assistant manager makes an explanation to Mr Wu instantly and express an apology, a disturbance is appeased at long last.

Comment on:

The event that produces this confuse one thing with another from apparently look, because hand over a this record,be illegible with the member that receive silver Xiaoguo carelessness be caused by. But if be analysed from depth, the author thinks this still belongs to administrative issue -- , the change on any finance affairs must have literal record to be a basis. And this hotel is in involve a guest to request Zhang when Wu is changed, did not ask its to fill in to be literal basis " financial change forgets sheet fully " (perhaps this hotel does not have a design originally) of this kind of receipt. The guest of 905 rooms is explaining if total stage the Zhang 906 rooms is odd by 905 rooms settle accounts when, total stage asks 905 lodger person to fill in if change forgets sheet fully, appear unlikelily similar the mistake of this case. Because be in this kind to forget sheet to go up fully besides indicate " some room and its room expend how much You Mou date room someone is in charge of settle accounts " outside waiting for a character, more important is to still have " acknowledge a debt " the person's autograph. Because have this sign one's name,also be card, still avoided 905 lodger person is abrupt in the future not the likelihood of acknowledge a debt. Because this author thinks quality is in charge of behoove with " design " begin, once design undeserved or the course is not exact, the possibility that makes mistake in the service is very large.
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