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An elevator involves person event
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Dinner time, japanese guest the Shanghai that Shanbencilang returns stay by the car some hotel, this is the last day that he travels in Shanghai. Beautiful Shanghai left deep impression to him, however journey of a few days also makes feel part exhaustion. On the way that winds a hotel, after he has wanted to reply a house, delighted ground bathes, again beautiful beautiful ground samples Chinese cate, the journey that is in Shanghai for him delimits a satisfactory full stop.

Ben Xingchong multiplies hill strongly on the 3 guests ladder of the hotel replies a house. With as one used to do same, he pressed mark to have 30 key, elevator rises quickly. When elevator runs an in part, produce accident happening, elevator stopped in 15F building part to be not moved. Shanbenyi is stupefied, he presses 30 key again, do not have reaction, hill is closed by " originally " is in elevator. But, hill is obliged to recourse by alarm bell originally. 1 minute, 2 minutes... 10 minutes went, elevator is motionless still. Hill has a place originally impatient, press alarm bell again, still did not get any answers. Helpless hill appears very nervous originally, foregoing interest were done not have completely, fatigue feeling and hungry feeling blast come over, then translate into anger. Passed many minutes 10 again probably, elevator was moved, the door was opened in 15F, hill went originally. At this moment hill in this heart very malcontent, in many minutes 20 when be closed, he did not get any square explanations mix inn comfort, gave lift nobody should be received, hill this right now anger issues a building to go straight towards old hall continuously by elevator again in anger, complain in big assistant manager place...

Actually, after elevator malfunctions, the hotel took step of rush to repair very quickly, also did not slight momently. Elevator is on duty be versed in Xiaoyun is informed a guest to be closed by " after " , put down the rice bowl that just carries, hurry to a building to carry elevator computer room on the head to remove trouble immediately, but elevator control switch is out of order, cannot operate. Does Xiaoyun control elevator brake rapidly? Changeover of " of Quot; automatic status moves condition " to " hand, oneself hurry to 15F. Outside pulling open, the door looks, discover elevator stops between 15F-16F however, the door cannot be opened inside. To make the guest comes out as soon as possible, xiaoyun takes go to work to provide, climb elevator car ceiling, move an operation to reach the designated position breakdown elevator crash with the hand, open the door eventually, give off a guest.

From malfunction to walk out of elevator to the guest in all 23 minutes. 23 minutes are versed in to maintenance for, the likelihood has been to go all lengths, with the shortest time that breakdown queueing up can achieve the rapiddest rate, and to the guest, these 23 minutes are provoking and endless.

An elevator " involves person " event
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