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Hotel antechamber is recieved] skill of face guest ask for instructions
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A gentleman enters A 1808 rooms, the requirement is confidential room. The following day a lady that calls this guest wife oneself is a hotel downstage information desk checks this guest, a of the member that ask ask is informed a guest to apply for to keep secret through personal computer, courtesy informs his to check without this person, but this lady says its husband lives here for certain, look for him to have urgent thing now, ask the member that ask ask is searched carefully, right now A brainwave easily, say: "I help you be searched to the office again live guest data. "A comes to tiring-room, tell 1808 visitors through electric telephone call downstage somebody looks for him, express to want after circumstance of this guest inquire evasive. Then A says to check to this lady again downstage without this person, this lady sees its looked for not tire of of the member that ask ask irritatedly a few times to also did not leave as a result.

Review analyse:

This is a group of report how before guest face the skill case of agile ask for instructions.

Exemple one in the guest that caller asks to seek confidential room, and the situation is special it is to live the guest's wife. Processing of the member that ask ask is proper, neatly escape lodger to live guest ask for instructions, do not appear otherwise a misunderstanding or conflict just are blamed.

After the guest lives to fasten a hotel...

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