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To injury the guest should pay attention to detail more
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A day, the hotel sells Miss Dai to receive the telephone call that in some quality that this attends a meeting supervisory bureau meets group leader of Wu group goosefoot, say 1514 rooms the leader of some branch last night sprain waist, staff of meeting Wu group is very busy, hope she can be attended in the past. Small Dai Anwei multitudes the group leader is not anxious, she can take care of a guest certainly. Subsequently Xiaodai calls ask for so that the guest agrees, undertake visitting to its into guest room.

After entering a room, she asked injury feeling of the guest carefully, of specific understanding guest get hurt place, this wanting that take a guest to go to a hospital checking, but the guest does not wish to move, then Xiaodai is in after exiting guest room, pass the 114 telephone calls that inquired provincial hospital immediately, tell a doctor detailed injury affection of the guest, whether does the inquiry need to pat the relevant matters concerned such as an examination. According to the doctor's entrust, xiaodai goes out to buy relevant ointment and antiphlogistic medicine to wait for the guest, send a guest the room, accept calling card in guest room, tell a visitor occupied can phone her. To have a meal time, enquire whether the guest needs service sending eat to wait actively, fine understand without being told is considered, till the guest injury situation takes a favourable turn.

Comment on:

What Xiaodai pays close attention to is a guest of lumbar sprain not only, also be the important guest of this conference, it is right that from whole service the program is told, the first, the instruction of executive goosefoot group leader; The 2nd, before entering guest room, ask for so that the guest agrees with reentry first; The 3rd, respect the meaning that the guest is not willing to move; The 4th, buy medicine to remand guest room; The 5th, do good succeeding activity.

When having here want an attention: The first, carry the number of 114 inquiry hospital, the proof does not have preparation at ordinary times, such hospital is like the specialized subject hospital such as division of orthopaedics, nerve, heart disease or the hospital telephone call that have special skill or knowledge after should have neat, hotel interior should have this kind of number neat, send is relevant branch. The 2nd, want a case that handles to the guest to be reported in time to meeting Wu group, in order to make its understand a process, be at ease truly; The 3rd, hotel clerk goes out buy medicine to have control even, because a few non-standard drugstore are very much now, if the guest took risk of occurrence life of the medicine of incorrect symptom or false medicine, the hotel cannot take off implication; The 4th, "This wanting that take a guest to go to a hospital " show Xiaodai the first idea is to go to a hospital, result guest is not willing to move, because this wants to seek the guest's opinion above all; The 5th, arrived to have a meal time, ask whether the guest needs have dinner actively again, if be in the room,saying hello to this one problem actually is best. Tell commonly, guest, when injury guest rests, do not like to be disturbed especially.
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