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Bag bubble green tea and Kabujinuo
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A surname gentleman is the old resident of D hotel. Because this hotel is located in inside famous tea countryside, the bag bubble green tea that even if is guest room also is new tea more, very see character. So, a surname gentleman receives a visitor in the room, commonly used this kind of tea entertains a guest. However, right now here, a surname gentleman is true cannot reoccupy bag make tea entertained guests.

Because, a surname gentleman awaits nonlocal client in the hall when, as a result of feeling too concentration, the coffee that walked into hall corner insensibly sits down in hall.

Bringing a smile when that clerk of look familiar, when in pulling sheet of boiled water project in the bosom, going to him, he just reacts come over, today, he asks a client to be consumed here without preparation, want to talk simply on hall sofa only. However, a surname gentleman rises when preparation leaves, when be late already, two his clients already sat on the chair on.

What a surname gentleman's facial awkward expression and the movement that rise are seen by the clerk that with him be apart counts rice is as clear as day. Be like at this moment by usual practice, serve wine water sheet, may make a surname gentleman embarrassed. Then, this clerk looked around the consumptive environment of coffee hall quickly, see at present still has a lot of empty places, turn time downstage, summarized idea to the director.

In a few minutes, this clerk comes to a surname gentleman and additionally two guests before, bend forward say to a surname gentleman personally: "I am sorry, a surname gentleman, disturbed. Know you are ferial the bag make tea that loves to drink a hotel, should be otherwise tasted again today? Whether don't those two guests know to follow you same? Whether don't those two guests know to follow you same??

Those two other place clients say very amiably, we and a surname gentleman are same, also want to taste the tea of expensive hotel.

A surname gentleman feels to have outer part very much. In Wu of dark gasp in admiration member carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, can understanding while, also be to appreciate to the excellent service of the hotel extremely. See he is very cheesy only the ground says to the clerk: "Besides green tea, I even the Kabujinuo of burnish of 3 cups of spots. I even the Kabujinuo of burnish of 3 cups of spots..

That day, beyond the expect of a surname gentleman, the trade that concludes impossibly originally actually with one action is taken. A surname gentleman is in after signing coffee Zhang sheet, entertainment after a meeting or a party was not used up, pulling two clients to walk into hotel dining room.

Comment on:

Although the bag make tea of guest room is free, the consumptive place that coffee hall clerk puts it to the hall unexpectedly offers guest character to use, look be like super- often manage, the service that also does not accord with a hotel is regular, but service program cannot apply mechanically, want to be applied neatly according to the circumstance. Just think, the clerk should consume regulation according to the hotel, no matter how many the room of coffee hall has, still give a surname gentleman that does not want to have any consumptive activity politely please coffee hall, what can bring about a surname gentleman not only is malcontent, return the unpleasantness that may cause other people.
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