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How does the hotel collect room fee?
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"11 " during, the 2 people such as Mr Lin enter Wuhan hotel of some star class, enter time to be in the morning 7: 30, midday 11: 20 ask to return a house downstage to the hotel, offer an opinion to room establishment, press cost of a day of room to undertake checkout expresses dissatisfaction downstage to the hotel at the same time.

[The tourist is complained]

The tourist thinks, although hotel guest room cannot be expended by small chronometer, but enter with respect to collection round-the-clock room is expended very unreasonable, can collect room fee a long time only at most. The account that withdraws a room at the same time is the requirement of room establishment short of of the hotel, the hotel ought to make logical explanation to this. Because the hotel answers downstage,Shi Weiling swims the guest is satisfactory, both sides talks things over not if really, the tourist pledges to city tourism bureau inspect place is complained then, the requirement safeguards rights and interests.

[Handle a result]

After qualitative inspect place is investigated, think the tourist mirrors a circumstance to belong to solid, square downstage personnel carries out the hotel not strictly guest room timing rate, and the hotel also has due responsibility to offerring tourist facilities not to amount to the guest room of mark, what ought to return a tourist is additional collect fees, find out when class personnel responsibility. After the hotel receives an announcement, assistant of accreditation general manager meets to the spot and guest and convey instantly deep apology, stem from tenet of Wu of sincere be convinced at the same time, the hotel gives to room cost avoid completely, sum returns housing deposit, become mediumly to this incident value employee and relevant branch manager undertake handling.

[This case is commented on]

According to the regulation, if lodge by day, press a long time in 6 hours of less than collect fees, more than 6 hours collect fees by a day; If nightly accommodation, no matter time length, all collect fees by a day; To successive accommodation, every lives that day inn morrow 12 when checkout collects fees by a day before, morrow 12 when later, 18 when previously collect fees partly by a day, when exceeding 18 collect fees by two days. Have special provision like wine shop, be expended by one day plan only for instance or press what hour plan is expended and do not press plan cost a long time, must answer to be informed to the guest ahead of schedule. How does the serviceman enjoy give special treatment?

[Details of a case is answered put]

The Spring Festival " the golden week " during, 3 are stationed in Han Jun's official to drive military vehicle to go to Wuhan some beauty spot, showed serviceman certificate, the requirement drives enter scene area proper motion to visit, tourist attraction staff member gives according to national policy pay of free of charge, but demand the other side pays administration fee of car pass in and out 10 yuan, because difference generates controversy,both sides is in on the understanding to policy.
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