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Water of free alcoholic drink hurts customer public house to want to assume liab
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This year on March 18, mr Wu attends the wedding of nephew to some restaurant, between banquet, when Mr Wu drinks at the height of one's enthusiasm, grab the bottle on the desk carouses rise, feel guttural place is prickled one blast suddenly. Mr Wu undertakes checking to the hospital around at once, diagnostic proof its are guttural by one fine iron piece card lives, around costs in all medical treatment charge 1800 yuan. Mr Wu after the event finds the restaurant that ran marriage banquet that day, the wine that thinks oneself were to drink restaurant to offer is brought about get hurt, because this restaurant must have compensation. The chief of this restaurant says that day the wine water of feast is given freely, since be the wine water of not beautiful money, gave a problem to should not look for restaurant now, if want to investigate duty, should seek the manufacturer home of wine water.


The lawyer thinks, restaurant ought to assume liability to pay compensation. Mr Wu arrives restaurant repast, formed concern of contract of a kind of service with this restaurant in fact. What accordingly this restaurant serves as the operator that serves one party to cannot endanger the person of consumer or property is safe, have to assume liability to pay compensation otherwise. Additionally wine water contains a foreign body, cause the harm of Mr Wu thereby, the manufacturer home of wine water has fault, also want to assume damages responsibility likewise. But as consumer Mr Wu is told, he has authority to choose target of claim for compensation according to his apiration, current, mr Wu chooses restaurant compensation, restaurant has to assume liability to pay compensation. This restaurant is opposite after Mr Wu makes compensation, principle of responsibility of according to fault can have claim for compensation to the manufacturer home of wine water, restaurant cannot accordingly shirk responsibility.

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