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Sister Lius old-age insurance for the labor department to find Grand Metropar
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Sister Liu Guangxi Guilin, Hangzhou, came four years ago, sea level the road in Grand Metropark Hotel sauna department. Two months ago, Sister Liu resigned, but she said that this unit has never been in four years to help her pay off old-age insurance. Sister Liu said that in the past four years, she is at the Grand Metropark Hotel Hangzhou, sauna do cleaners. "A signed contract, but are in their hands, we do not have." Sister Liu said her salary rose to 650 yuan from the original 1200 one month later. However, various types of social security costs, the unit has never paid off. For that matter, Liao sister said she found a labor inspection and the rent and other departments. "They have to pay pension insurance unit, but the unit is not to pay." Grand Metropark Hotel in the sauna closed on the current state. The hotel's public relations manager XU understand the situation explained that although Sister Liu in the hotel sauna before, but not their employees. Grand Metropark Hotel Hangzhou, PR Manager, Hong Xu: "Because the sauna is an independent contractor, their personnel and our relationship is separate from the hotel." However, then press the streets in the Lake District Labour Inspection Squadron learned, sauna and Grand Metropark Hotel between, not so simple. Lake Street, Hangzhou City Labour Inspection Squadron staff: "The sauna is open for business license in the name of the hotel, sauna room is not an independent legal entity and has no legal status." In the labor inspection, accompanied by law enforcement officers, journalists and Liu 1818 Sister Golden Eye once again came to Grand Metropark Hotel. This time, head of the hotel staff came forward: "We have given the owner of the sauna made a phone call, and he promised to pay the costs will be." The hotel refused further interviews with reporters, but said that it would help solve this problem Sister Liu. 1818 Golden Eye Channel 6 reporters. Grand Metropark Hotel Public Relations Manager Xu told reporters that the sauna is an independent contractor, and the hotel does not matter. The results of labor inspection department pierced this argument, because the hotel sauna is registered in the name of license, responsible people do not have legal personality. It seems that five star hotels, in some practices, people can not see the star's shadow.