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Guesthouse of hot spring of Qinghai expensive heart
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Guesthouse of hot spring of Qinghai expensive heart

Guesthouse of expensive heart hot spring only then built in Feburary 1991, threw operation in October 1992, floor area is 3655.14 square metre. To enlarge scope of operations, went up in original basis on September 30, 1998, the standard that presses class of national guesthouse SamSung undertakes rebuilding, the hot spring guesthouse after changing extend covers an area of 49.94 mus, total floor area is 94.3 million square metre, by recieve the composition such as dining-room of center of building, recreation, nation. Recieve a building to have 63 levels, 7 luxurious, bed 150 pieces, ballroom, KTV is set inside between the bag, chess card room, hairdressing beautifies hair, in hall anteroom. Can recieve the meeting that 150 people attend and 3 little assembly room, dining-room can hold 280 people at the same time repast; Recreational center by suite of room of room of natatorium, sauna, bowling house, billiards. . .

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