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Gold big public house
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Gold big public house is Qinghai gold below group division one according to illuminative of level of 5 stars grade luxurious hotel. Gold big public house designs novel, style chic, function is all ready. Hotel floor area 21000 square metre, have 206 apartment of 30 luxurious business affairs, luxurious levels; Have 7 big, medium, small-sized auditoria of muti_function, video; 36 banqueting hall of 1200 square metre, luxurious balcony, can satisfy 1000 people have dinner at the same time. In addition, the hotel still has fitness, tea art, Western-style food, bar, KTV to act art, hairdressing beautifies hair, sufficient cure, massage, the relevant form a complete set such as supermarket, clinic, bank, mobile serves a function. Over “ guest, serving the first ” is the service tenet of the hotel, during you are entered, the consumptive level of hotel of 2 stars class, enjoy the service of hotel of 5 stars class, we will provide enthusiastic, considerate, sweet service for you wholeheartedly. The memory that blesses happiness sincerely accompanies you restful one's way home. Those who believe to pass our faculty in all. . .

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