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Inn of golden hill watery wine
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Hotel of holiday of golden hill water is new hotel of the economy that establish business affairs, be located in the way of shopping centre victory with flourishing Xining, traffic is convenient, situation is advantageous. The hotel shares of all kinds guest room 110, the guest room cleanness inside the hotel, comfortable, the establishment such as Wei Yu, TV, phone is all ready, have as an attached institution has dining-room and parking lot. Information desk offers fax, duplicate, print and different ground orders the service such as the room. The hotel sets the assembly room that can hold 30 people, the first selection place that is travel of general business affairs, family and meeting Wu passenger. The hotel serves establishment: Other of 10F/11F of establishment of conference of?F of ostrich  Fang serves establishment: Get online 24 hours of phone of DD of 3 party , DDD phone, cable television, broadbands, freely.

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