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Xining Moslem edifice
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With SamSung class the standard configures Moslem edifice one when subject Yumusilin builds engineering company, the market people amorous feelings with Qinghai at present exclusive province, meal, accommodation, fitness, recreational, shop those who be an organic whole is large and integrated to guesthouse of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals. The edifice is located in Xining city to found a state of road and July 1 road hand in collect place, border with station of road of Xining railway station, governor. Total floor area 14000 square metre. The building is 53 meters tall, in all 14. Have various level, flatlet in all 169. Various room area is capacious, distribution is equitable, establishment is all ready, decorate richly elegance, comfortable and delightful. The edifice sets central air conditioning, central acoustics. Satellitic hookup and closed-circuit television system and dial directly programmed control phone domestic and internationally, set the Islamic dining room of Moslem nation characteristic, can lay 200 people at the same time repast, set shower only for Moslem guest room and one-time the week rear that can hold 300 people. Set the much Zhoang such as teahouse of center of of all kinds assembly room, business affairs, music and gymnastical center. . .

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