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Xining on the west 100 guesthouse
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The Xining that 100 guesthouse predecessor is old name on the west on the west 100 guesthouse, be by what limited company of building of ave general merchandise invests build on the west, floor area is 37500 square metre, the building is 76 meters high, in all 17, 7 set a standard, between big mark, room of card of room of 3 worlds, family, chess, flatlet, offer 24 hours of Internet broadband, central air conditioning, hot water to wait, guesthouse still can accommodate 80-100 person and the conference center of 50 people, muti_function hall. The parking lot is set inside the courtyard, but anchor many 50 car, it is collect accommodation, meal, recreation, shop recreational the omnibus hotel at an organic whole.
100 guesthouse are located in Xining on the west Xining city on the west the main street is busy mouth of alley of well of —— of a sector of an area, also be Xining city's most significant traffic key position and mart, 100 meters in cinema, hospital, supermarket, . . .

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