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Small public house of Lai Yan of Xining easy berth
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Small public house of Lai Yan of Xining easy berth

Small public house of easy berth Lai Yan is Qinghai postal and industrial head office invests build, invite European hotel hotel of environmental protection of green of type of land of the international service level that senior management public figure runs, Europe luxurious business affairs.
Hotel floor area 5500 square metre, the building is 6 tall, exterior is color of cream-colored of front courtyard of Europe land palace costly structure, around parking lot but free anchor 80 size car.
Establishment of hotel guest room allows to deploy by higher water, all flatlet are set confuse home of your bar, freezer, international to dial directly long-distance / dial online phone.
Additional, the hall of Western-style food of Europe land singing and dancing of the hotel, offer Ou Liu type and Asian tradition are delicate and handpick, spot music reachs star show in the evening, at the same time but light song slow dance. And hall of Chinese meal of Bao wing seafood offers dish of harbor type another name for Guangdong Province and northwest. . .

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