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Hotel of Xining peninsula business affairs
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Hotel of Xining peninsula business affairs

Hotel of peninsula business affairs is located in Xining city (national level) economic technology development, environment beautiful, communication is easy. Building of hotel main body and in-house adornment all design of out a person of academic or artistic distinction, it is the public house of business affairs travel that with SamSung class the standard builds one. Various flatlet, standard is set inside the hotel, odd world. Establishment all ready, decorate decorate warmth comfortable, the room deserves to the broadband gets online, international, home grows the functional establishment such as word business. Be located in a hotel 2 Chinese meal is reached between the bag muti_function hall can recieve 200 people repast at the same time, renown hutch is done, hutch art is masterly, invite guest sampling delicate cate while the service that also can enjoy meticulous in a subtle way. The hotel sets of all kinds and luxurious KTV between the bag, sauna of luxurious honoured guest includes a house, hall sets the tea with distinctive color on the west art service. The hotel returns stock assembly room, shopping bazaar, business affairs. . .

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