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British intercontinental group will manage hotel of prince city holiday
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Rich rainbow group and group of British intercontinental hotel " hotel of holiday of Benxi prince city administers a contract " the autograph arranges a ceremony, will hold in restaurant of international of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers on June 9. This action is meant the whole world is the at present greatest, distributing all interior government general affairs that company of the widest international hotel management will receive a palm to building public house of medium holiday of Benxi prince city. Last year on May 20 the hotel of holiday of Benxi prince city of break earth (hotel of Fu Hong international) , be bright a mountainous area key enrols one of business projects. According to international level of 5 stars grade is built this, floor area is 50 thousand more than square metre, 28 128 meters high, have guest room 306 hotel, completed main body project in November 2007, already finished major interior to decorate at present, will at official this year in October start business. The hotel after building will become Shanchengyi building of coordinate annals sex, it is amount of our city guest room most, establishment of form a complete set is the most all ready, the market guest room with the most advantageous situation, meal, recreation, assembly the omnibus hotel at an organic whole. Will right accelerate our city city east enlarge pace, pull open urban framework, promote a city grade, improve investment climate, increase external appeal produces main effect. For this, insist to choose international the rich rainbow group that famous businessman runs partner principle for the hotel, the course is chosen ceaselessly, many rounds negotiate, final decision introduces the world-famous enterprise that intercontinental hotel group is in 100 many countries and area this to own many 4000 hotel and its management concept, do well enterprise interior office management, promotion service class and savour, bend force is made domestic and international top-ranking restaurant. Origin: Network of Chinese industry research

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