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Hotel of sweet case lira plans to will realize dimensions to turn over times 201
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On June 4, 2008: Group of hotel of sweet case lira (Hotel Group Shangri-La) the plan is inside 3 years its hotel amount dilate comes double present, and ground of be worthy of the name becomes international hotel to interlink a group.

Market of group of hotel of sweet case lira sells Barbara Pang of senior vice president to tell E-Travel Blackboard, she this week negotiates in Sydney brew project of long already new public house.

"At present we own 55 hotels, at the same time we hope to come 2011, the amount of our hotel will increase to 100. " Ms. Pang says, "We will continue to be basis with the Asia, we the hotel of 50% still Asia of base oneself upon. We the hotel of 50% still Asia of base oneself upon..

This hotel group that is headquarters with Hong Kong still puts the emphasis in Asian area, but they hope to be able to be in the main city implementation such as Europe, United States and A couplet chief of a tribe is outspread.

At the beginning of 2009, people will see in Paris expect ′ of long already Palais D of sweet case lira the practice of Iena hotel. This is group of sweet case lira not only first hotel in France, also be first hotel that this group is in European area.

The hotel of sweet case lira that is located in North America area will be in practice of a few years of inland add, include Wengehua, Chicago, Las Vegas, new York, Miami and Toronto.

"Although we are in outspread, but the potential core value of our company won't be changed. " Ms. Pang complements.

Develop to short-term, group hope can roll out the name is " Green Meetings " (green conference) new plan, make conference plan personnel OK authority chooses plan of a conference be discharged in order to reduce its carbon.

"This new plan still acts a series of green with each domain collaboration, if trash administers a plan, use the measure of material in order to decrease. " Ms. Pang says.

"Green Meetings " plan general at a few months immanent hotels of all sweet case lira are carried out.

Origin: Round-the-world brigade dispatch

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