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Hotel tycoon happy event amounts to house to be in Asia-Pacific area rapid dilat
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Be fond of group of the hotel that amount to house to expect amount of the hotel below the banner of its Asia-Pacific area can grow with the speed of 70% this year. Prompt the growth factor that is fond of the hotel that amount to house to be in Asia-Pacific area, it is its grow rate breathtakingly in China, this profit from is fond of the concentration that amount to house to serve the bitter fleabane break out of the brand to exhibit, and the high-end brand of this hotel and luxurious brand expand quickly in the influence of our region. Be fond of the CEOFritsvanPaasschen that amount to house to say: "Happy event amount to house to grow continuously with breathtaking speed in the Asia, signed 48 business in all 2007, opened 18 hotels newly. Undertook in before 2008 two months 7 trade merely. " besides be fond of 36 hotels that amount to house to be managed in China at present beyond, still more than 40 happy event amount to room public house be about to practice. This year, brand of this one luxurious hotel already threw Elsewhere 1, 2 million dollar finished Caesarean to kuala lumpur hotel (HotelImperialKualaLumpur) decorate afresh, future will have 11 new public houses 3 years to be in Thailand practice. Mr VanPaasschen comes to the Asia recently, reviewed the progress that the hotel is in this one area, met to include a hotel possessory with hotel group member inside principal shareholder. What travel together with him is the member of leader of company high level that comes from new York Bai Yuanxi to amount to house headquarters. They visited each public house, and visited hotel group, hotel is possessory with other strategy partner. "The development dimensions that our hotel is in our region is all-time, see development foreground is crucial directly, " Mr VanPaasschen complements. "I am very glad also to the opportunity is the same as our hotel possessory, partner and other are important shareholder meeting, these partner matter to us to succeed with what did not come currently greatly. "

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