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International hotel manages the management of the group to run the development t
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One, group of international hotel management manages mode brief introduction (one) inside the limits of gradual progress whole world of hotel management pattern, inchoate international hotel group is to pass those who buy praedial means to achieve dilate more (if Hilton, happy event will ascend, Statler Hotel Chain) , 50 time have 20 centuries, hilton hotel group and holiday hotel group manage with entrusting respectively and concessionary commission way is outspread, arrived 20 centuries 90 time, more and more hotel groups are passed concessionary manage and entrust administrative pattern to develop, until at present development expands. Additional, in recent years a few burgeoning hotel alliance that support with strong technical natural resources and couplet are sold manage rise abruptly quickly. Express one: Development of area of mode of development of time of phase of development of process of development of international hotel group comes at the beginning of 20 centuries pass investment public house the fifties, buy praedial undertake the brand is bred reach outspread intercontinental to develop 20 centuries manage with entrusting between 669 time and concessionary manage for main way dilate the whole world develops 20 centuries 80 time are entrusted up to now management, concessionary manage, couplet sells management crisscross, main reason sees the 3rd share) : Express 2: Place of world-famous hotel group belongs to brand and public house of group of management mode hotel () / room (10 thousand) intercontinental of brand management mode (flower) 3250/53.6 intercontinental, holiday, imperial crown, holiday apartment of quick, Heng Qiao, Candlewood is concessionary manage occupy 88.9 % about, entrust management to occupy 6 % about, 5.1 % emperor amounts to belt endowment management and other special (beautiful) 6399/51.8 a person of extraordinary powers is unripe, every day, fast first of rank of 8 whole worlds is concessionary management hotel group, number of concessionary management hotel occupies 100 % ; International of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers (beautiful) 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers of 2655/48, 10 thousand beautiful, 10 thousand happy, Li Jia, colorful amount to, apartment of new world, administration is concessionary manage occupy 53.1 % , trust management 42.3 % , belt endowment management and other 4.6 % , subordinate and colorful amount to execute completely concessionary manage elegant tall (law) 3894/45.3 is old Woteer, Yibisi, Mojile, Suofeite, Fomiaoledi 1, motel the 6th belt; The restaurant that rent 21.8% trust management 15.4% ; Concessionary manage 16.3% ; "Suofeiteer " and " old Woteer " give priority to in order to trust management. High-quality goods international (beautiful) 4810/38.9 Clarion Hotels; Comfort Inn&Quality Suits; Quality Inns Hotel&Suites; Sleep Inn; Econo Loddge; Rodeway Inn; MainStay Suites is concessionary manage 100 % , it is to be located in the world to rank second restaurant concessionary management company, introduce new management pattern: The strategy is allied Hilton (beautiful) Xierdute makes 2142/34.5 manage: 23.8% , trust management: 3 % , belt endowment management and other 73.2 % optimal west (beautiful) 4110/31 happy event amounts to house (beautiful) Ji Si of luck of 774/23.8 emperor · ; Blessing friend; Extensive region vessel; To honour handpick; W restaurant; Concessionary manage: 41.8 % , trust management: 28.5 % , belt endowment management and other 29.7 % . Sweet case lira (harbor) lira of 45/18 sweet case, trade, fine in the center is given priority to with belt endowment management, entrust management to be complementary triumphant Yue (beautiful) 210/4 triumphant Yue, Jun Yue, Bai Yue with concessionary manage give priority to (above data ends in January 2004) international hotel group 4 kinds of mode are main brief introduction is as follows: Trust management: Sign administrative contract to agree through hotel owner and administrative group bilateral right, obligation and responsibility, in order to ensure administrative group can run a color with his, the service is normative, quality standard and operation means will to the hotel that is managed export professional technology, manage talent and administrative pattern, and to by administrative hotel collection certain proportional " is basic the 2% rewards administration fee "(to take gross profit profit about to 5%) and " 3% to 6%) management kind that administration fee "(takes turnover about. Concessionary manage: It is a kind of when be core with the cession of concessionary right of administration management means, the has technology and brand and hotel owner only capital look that uses administrative him group is united in wedlock come a kind of business of outspread operation grows pattern. Through subscribe the means of concessionary right of administration has administrative group place some to have the brand name of intellectual property property, registered trade mark, finalize the design technology, management means, operating sequence, book system and the use that purchase the intangible assets such as the network to be made over suffer make a public house, concessionary right of administration makes over one-time collection cost or initiative cost, and business income of every months of foundation and charter management service expends floating (include: Public relations advertisement is expended, the network books cost, employee grooms cost, adviser seeks advice from cost to wait) administrative pattern. Express 3: Entrust a canal to manage to manage mode to ask the advantage distinguishs delegate enterprise to entrust the hotel with stronger government to manage experience and ability to have tight control and government to subordinate hotel quite quite with concessionary management mode; Reduce investment risk; Administrative output, direct management counterpoises, group of taller intercontinental group, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, happy event amounts to profit house group is concessionary manage reach by stronger brand actual strength manage, the low cost dilate with the effective ability that management, service runs and brand output; Reduce direct investment and capital risk; Join in inn conduces to raise a brand to affect rate and market to have rate counterpoise without direct management, supervise only reach directive advantageous position, profit is inferior group of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers (intermediate of fixed position colorful amount to a brand) , happy event will ascend group, Shengdateji Ka Ersen takes group of international of round, high-quality goods, whole world endowment management: Pass solely invested, accuse or the means of direct or indirect investment such as share will get a hotel to management counterpoises and execute same brand to mark to hotel of its subordinate series, same service program, identical book a network, identical purchase a system, same organization structure, identical and financial institution, same policy level, same company culture reachs the administrative kind of same management concept. Group of hotel of sweet case lira is the group of international hotel management that uses this means the earliest in our country, basically gave priority to with joint venture before 2000, accuse equity absolutely to the hotel hold of great majority management. Couplet sells manage: In recent years, accompanying global cent to sell a system (the implementation that GDS) popularizes to book a function in real time with Internet, " couplet of abroad sells emerge as the times require of management group " and development is swift and violent. Hotel couplet sells a group is by numerous monomer the hotel of management pays cost to attend of one's own accord and through sharing combination is purchased, associated sales promotion, book jointly, groom jointly, combine market development, the coadjutant combine that the resource such as technical development shares service project and forms jointly. 2, the constituent mode that international hotel organizes all sorts of configuration and hotel of structural feature international relatively many organization of domestic public house is complex, reflect especially go up in dimensions, droit, management and appurtenant relation. Ambiguous and all sorts of mode dividing line that the hotel organizes are mutual mix, baconian rise to have monomer hotel, brand public house roughly (abroad calls restaurant couplet number) , a few kinds of configuration such as alliance of group of hotel management company, hotel, hotel, strategy alliance. Their description and feature see a table respectively 5 with the watch 6. Express 5: The descriptive organization category that all sorts of hotels organize describes example monomer public house individual public house, or manage by oneself, or manage brand hotel by others (restaurant couplet date) the monomer hotel gather that runs below same brand by much home is formed, with asset, concessionary management agreement or entrust administrative contract to bind. Holiday hotel, holiday is hotel of quick hotel, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, 10 thousand beautiful hotels, 10 thousand happy hotels, colorful amount to hotel, Suofeite company of hotel hotel management is a kind to rely on at brand hotel (couplet date) the administrative company of existence, call couplet date to run a company, they own a brand, provide administrative service at the same time. Hotel of company of management of hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, holiday runs a company... one kind is to not comply to put any brand public houses and run a company self-existently, become independent namely hotel management company, provide pure administrative service only, cannot offer to the hotel quite brand and the sale related to the brand and book a service. American interstate hotel manages many 100 hotel, use group of hotel of brand of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Hilton, holiday to own hotel of one or more brand through concessionary agreement (couplet date) organization of large public house. The hotel such as group of hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, intercontinental hotel group is allied the first kind: Brand of the oneself after member inn joins this kinds of alliance won't die out, shape of number of allied name of + of instead oneself brand, obtain allied and limited sale service, at the same time oneself assume more sale. Organization of world top-ranking public house, world is small-sized and ritzy hotel, exceed alliance of national boundaries hotel to wait for the 2nd kind: The public house that provides IT resource support is allied, allied renown date does not have brand meaning to consumer, pay attention to what the IT that concerns with the sale serves to offer more. Flying horse solution company (book each hotel the system connect global cent to sell a system) strategic alliance is complementary model restaurant organization, form between organization of large public house at present, promote mutual development through invest jointly or using resource of advantage of the other side. The four seasons - company of group of Li Jing hotel, Ka Erxun, Xierdumei country - England expresses Hilton 6: Feature of organization of different type restaurant compares a hotel to organize a category to explain development existing state of affairs is main coupling method dimensions organizes border of administrative power of close together degree hotel of brand of brand of flexibility member store (restaurant couplet date) the company is all model couplet. International hotel group is inchoate and outspread means. Sweet case lira uses this mode capital, management, brand, sale all the time lesser and close together have not agile and unified concessionary manage model give priority to at present through coupling of headquarters of concessionary management agreement and couplet date shed mode, those who be like Shengdate every day, a person of extraordinary powers is unripe, fast 8 date waiting for couplet, all couplet date waits high-quality goods international a moment big more close together adventitious unites brand, sale neatly mix model inn of member of couplet number part by the parent company all, the part is concessionary manage by more use, the capital such as the date of holiday hotel couplet that is like intercontinental, management, brand, sale is big company of management of mark of couplet of company of management of more close together and errant more agile and unified hotel relies on couplet date to exist, serve member hotel to sign concessionary management agreement with couplet date already to the hotel group that has couplet number, also sign entrust administrative contract, this mode is used extensively to manage a contract to relatively greatly relatively cheek by jowl more agile and unified independence manages a company to also call tripartite management the company, only pure provide administrative service, cannot offer a brand. Only then at 20 centuries 60 time, sign concessionary management contract with couplet date hotel commonly, be like company of inchoate American interstate restaurant. Administrative contract is lesser have alliance of more agile and average skimble-scamble public house cheek by jowl relatively number of allied name of + of brand of one member store, provide limited service only the history is longer, if the world is top-ranking restaurant organization, exceed international restaurant alliance to wait. Finite brand - sale is bigger more inattentive without alliance of hotel of agile and finite brand 2 without brand meaning, offer comprehensive electron to book changeover system. Along with IT burgeoning. If fly horse solution company (for alliance of the biggest public house) sale - the group of large public house that sale technology serves not to have group of agile skimble-scamble hotel to have number of many restaurant couplet loose greatly. Each are at present big capital of company of international hotel group, management, brand, sale; Brand and sale are big alliance of strategy of close together or more close together errant more agile and unified hotel is complementary model organization, promote respective development to appear between big public house through joint investment: The four seasons - Li Jing hotel, xierdumei country - adventitious of British cooperation agreement, joint ventures is not certain adventitious is agile skimble-scamble look from angle of individual public house, can form different affiliation to concern with different kind with organization of one or more restaurant at the same time, also can maintain oneself independence. Be like: The couplet name firm that accepts group of a hotel at the same time offers entrust administrative service to reach sign concessionary management agreement; With a hotel management the company is signed entrust administrative contract, use another hotel brand to sign concessionary management agreement; Choose independent public house to supervise company management, of brand of use some hotel concessionary manage; Choose independent public house to supervise company management, need not concessionary management means, join certain hotel alliance; By management of owner proper motion, join hotel alliance to obtain sale and book support; Exist as monomer hotel, do not produce an impact with organization of other public house. 3, the patulous kind that environment of China and foreign countries reachs international hotel to manage a group to be in China quite (one) management environment of hotel of China and foreign countries is compared in the world, group of international restaurant management is used concessionary management way is most, manage to entrust a canal next with belt endowment manages the minority that period of as soon as possible forms. But they are used in our country entrust administrative pattern over concessionary management means, at present still belt endowment runs the development current of grow in quantity. This differentia does not have the reason of historical environment and market opportunity, following watches are shown: Express 7: The account of management mode characteristic that characteristic of management mode of difference of management mode of international hotel China and foreign countries and reason abroad uses in China is concessionary manage give priority to industry of less hotel of concessionary management China initial stage is lacked concessionary manage those who regard accredit as the person to join in condition, lack concessionary management administrative person with ability and technical experience entrust management to be complementary entrust management to give priority to Chinese hotel industry to develop a space big, profit redound bit is made manage tall, the belt that management risk governs small very few amount than belt endowment endowment manage belt endowment management to think Chinese hotel industry invests average water of world of redound prep above to taste increasingly, can get higher profit (2) the management mode that international hotel manages a group to be in our country and development plan express 8 report world-famous hotel group manages a case basically in our country: Express 8: Each famous hotel group is in international development group name of China is in China hotel () management mode is in China the asset inside limits of 45 whole worlds sells development plan intercontinental, management is trusted in Hua Jun, investment sex minimum was in 2008 China hotel development comes 80, investment shares build public house, develop energetically " the holiday is quick " economy hotel. Shengdate 15 concessionary manage 5 years immanent China develop 40 intermediate " every day " chain hotel, 55 " fast 8 " economic hotel. Limits of 39 whole worlds includes 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers China insists to be not taken endowment the hotel in managing 7 to preparing to construct, the plan is in two years China have 50 hotels administrative power. Elegant tall 23 trust management (Suofeite, Nuo is rich special, beautiful house) , belt endowment manages (appropriate is thought of surely) 20 SamSung class is rolled out inside 3 years " beautiful house " hotel, 5 years immanent and all provincial capital and travel heat city own hotel of class of a 5 stars; 50 leave in the whole nation " appropriate is thought of surely " economy hotel. Hilton 5 trust management Jinmaoxierdu is big hotel 2006 new year's day practice. Happy event amount to house 20 entrust management, concessionary manage reach the area that has a choice endowment management 2004, 2005 two happy event leave to ascend lira of hotel sweet case in Hainan 18 belts endowment management is given priority to, expand appropriately entrust lira of sweet case of administrative Changzhou, Fuzhou 2004 the practice before the bottom, investment 400 million dollar is in China before 2007 build hotel of lira of 9 sweet case. Triumphant Yue 4 entrust management opens 9 new public houses inside 3 years, triumphant Yue, Jun Yue, Bai Yue will appear entirely. (3) group of numerous international hotel will reinforce the new trend that international hotel group develops in China gradually the strategic position of Chinese market, some groups already regarded strategic centre of gravity as Chinese area, they have the following new trend in our country development: Expand to second line city by city of a gleam of. The urban base oneself upon with the central city that economy of the choice when international hotel group enters Chinese market developeds or resourceful travel, at present group of numerous international hotel intensifies to dilate of second line city. If Zhongshan, Zhengzhou was mixed 2003 Fuzhou is sweet 2004 case lira in succession practice. Intercontinental group has hotel start business in the city such as Jinan, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Changsha. Develop to much brand by single brand. Intercontinental group already rolled out the brand such as imperial crown holiday, intercontinental, Holiday Inn in succession; The Aoteji in the horse is round by advocate push brand of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers to arrive to roll out entire brand to develop the strategy at present, have high-grade Li Jia already Kaerdu, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, 10 thousand beautiful, in having again high-grade 10 thousand happy, new century, colorful amount to. Elegant high group extended Suofeite, Nuo in Chinese market after brand of rich special grade SamSung class " brand of beautiful house " introduces China. By exceed luxurious brand hotel to exceed development of luxurious brand hotel to batch individually. Famous hotel group promotes favorable balance of trade in succession luxurious brand hotel, oneself admiral is made in China, if hotel of red tower of Shanghai luck auspicious is become,be fond of the group that amount to house to be in China the 2nd emperor of practice. Hotel of brand of lucky Ji Si, hotel of Yue of Beijing Oriental gentleman is triumphant Yue group in the 2nd Jun Yue that Yue of gentleman of Chinese afterwards Shanghai manages after Jin Mao hotel brand hotel, hotel of Shanghai the four seasons becomes group of world-famous hotel of the four seasons to be in China the first hotel of practice. By in high-grade hotel develops to economy hotel. What expand actively in China in international hotel group is medium share of high-grade hotel market when, group of hotel of a few international already began to pay close attention to economy hotel. Be like every day the high level of hotel, intercontinental, elegant advanced group in succession survey China market, the hope is in extend luxurious brand hotel while, also enter Chinese market with economy hotel brand. 4, the system characteristic that the group of management of hotel of system characteristic international of operation of public house of group of international hotel management manages in the hotel is implement system of modern business management, droit and right of administration are detached, capital is run with manage run depart, and the general manager below leader of board of directors is in charge of making. (one) , droit and right of administration. Group of international hotel management holds to hotel manager to suffer hire at running a group, the in administering a contract regulation that signs with owner and administrative group works for owner, coetaneous watch manages the legitimate rights and interests of the group, if hotel manager suffers,hire at owner, abandon operator easily this importunate principle and apt owner interest. (2) , capital is run with manage run photograph depart. More be helpful for making clear operator responsibility and service advantage, international hotel manages the hotel manager of the company to be in charge of the management of the enterprise running only, and the capital that is not an enterprise is run responsible, in hotel government contract disclaimer of the group that cross a state concerns the responsibility that capital is run or repays captital with interest. The management responsibility that embellish of management gross profit of the generation in in administering a contract commonly, stipulating operator is running a course only should bear before this one phase. The debt that because invest hotel place to lose,is opposite as to hotel owner is paid return ability, with manage have nothing to do, judge the achievement of operator more easily so. If owner wants to strive for better service advantage, can think way from inside examining and approve sale plan and one-year budget only. Assets of since of domestic hotel general manager is proprietary the delegate is operator, both function did not divide the work clearly. (3) , the general manager below leader of board of directors is in charge of making. The right that the general manager of group of international hotel management has reflects in the following respects: Above all, system of a captain is implemented on the command system of the hotel, the prominent figure that also is a hotel represents a person, encounter the final decision-maker of the problem. Vise general manager and the assistant that the manager that be stationed in inn is general manager. Next, administrative style strung implements system of a route, various administrator has a leader only up. Again, general manager has sufficient patronage to direct subordinate and his assistant, make sure the effective system of strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions is directed. General manager is in charge of to owner company board of directors to administrative group and delegate group only, the board of directors also masters the destiny of general manager according to basis government contract and contract of service. (4) , manage control. On the system, administrative group and control of key of orgnaization of hotel owner delegate plan what plan with running expenses budget to examine and approve to market sale, carry out and supervise. In entrusting administrative contract, also owner company delegate can enter a hotel to understand financial accounts at any time. Chief inspector of hotel finance affairs is appointed by administrative group, authority reports the work to administrative group directly. General manager has no right to appoint and dismiss financial chief inspector. Origin: Optimal and Oriental

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