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Group of elegant tall hotel is in France quickly the development of Vietnam
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The international hotel with the mainest Vietnam runs a group -- France is elegant tall hotel group is in at announcing its on March 5, 2008 of Vietnam in a large-scale outspread plan, include platinic Er of elegant tall subordinate and advanced brand among them graceful with brand of multilayer and secondary market beautiful house is in of Vietnam market roll out formally and the Nuo of base of good to already was being built market is rich special of the brand patulous. That day, hu Zhiming city greeted Vietnam full-fledged member of group of management of hotel of the first international is in -- place of delegate of elegant tall Vietnam. New bureau will support with all one's strength and drive elegant be in high the hotel network of Vietnam develops, aim to develop to own at least 20 hotels to the end of 2010 from 8 current public houses. Graceful hotel of Vietnam platinic Er is elegant be in high same day announces to will build graceful public house of 3 platinic Er in Vietnam -- two old streets that are located in Vietnam north (LaoCai) , one is located in a head to pause (VungTau) . PullmanLaoCai, pullmanSapaResort and PullmanVungTau once practice, be about to become most first the international brand hotel of the two travel division that settle Vietnam expands quickly. Platinic Er graceful brand is business affairs and conference travel market to establish only, the heartland that its hotel is located in large international and local city more and not as far as main airport be apart. Of platinic Er graceful brand the one part that rolling out is plan of card of inferior of banner of elegant high new fixed position. PullmanSapaResort (150 guest room) hopeful 2010 practice of the beginning of the year. The hotel is located at Sapa to press down a center, will adjacent mountain range beautiful scenery all stops eye ground. The villatic form that graceful hotel of this platinic Er will be become to be comprised by villa by the design is built group. Of lumber, stone and bronze material apply, will ensure hotel and local environment are perfect and shirt-sleeve. PullmanLaoCai (200 guest room) be located in inside Vietnam river 260 kilometers are in north on the west, will 2011 practice of the beginning of the year. The hotel is located between new city center and old market railway station, and the sea of way railway station prevents railroad to go up to everyday two come from the train inside the river. PullmanVungTau (360 guest room) plan 2010 practice of the beginning of the year. The oil center that is located at Vietnam -- cling to the ground is saved (the seaside of BaRiaProvince) thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located, the hotel that owns the conference center that can hold nearly 2000 people is sure to make the keep in mind that divide moustache beyond bright city, the destination of business affairs conference with the mainest Vietnam. Graceful hotel of these 3 platinic Er will have perfect conference establishment to match with newest equipment, the person that it is business trip is brought cheerful with halcyon atmosphere, can maintain connection with the outside at any time and place at the same time. Ai Senbai of chairman of district of elegant tall Asia-Pacific (Mr MichaelIssenberg) says, the practice of these 3 hotels will improve substructure of Vietnam tourism foundation greatly, the hotel network that also can make scale already was implemented quite inside elegant Gao Zaihe at the same time gets be perfectinged further. "Platinic Er graceful this name already was had in Vietnam certain famous degree. Before because present MetropoleHanoi hotel is in,new 1990 fixed position becomes public house of brand of Suo Fei spy, ever was graceful hotel of a platinic Er. And graceful hotel will be these 3 brand-new platinic Er graceful brand brings the platinic Er that hotel industry has reputation extremely revive. " Mr Ai Senbai says. "Enter a country as Vietnam the main effect that the tourist's boom and tourism are driving economic respect to rise, these two are located in old street (graceful hotel will satisfy the platinic Er of LaoCai) and Sapa the demand of the to international standard advanced hotel that Vietnam north grows continuously. " he complements. Beautiful house brand lands Vietnam, two new store are opened to be the development that promotes substructure of Vietnam tourism foundation further inside the river, group of elegant tall hotel still announces France, two beauty will be opened to reside hotel in order to to satisfy the demand that the market increases quickly to high quality multilayer and intermediate hotel inside the river. MercureHanoiLaGare (102 guest room) with MercureHanoiHado (380 guest room) will be beautiful house brand in Vietnam try first, also be the beginning that the grandiose development that this brand offers 20 public houses in Vietnam plans at the same time. MercureHanoiLaGare (2009 practice of the beginning of the year) will build in Li Changjie road (LyThuongKietStreet) , border the main shopping centre inside the river, the railway station inside distance river also only the Yao of a few paces. And MercureHanoiHado will 2010 practice of the beginning of the year, fall on location CatLinh street, be opposite the famous Wen Miao inside the river (Templeofliterature) . Nuo is rich special Vietnam opens innovation era as rich nation island (this promotes PhuQuoc) anew the fast figuration of travel ground, brand-new Nuo is rich special the hotel will plan start business in order to satisfy the requirement of the market. Since GrandMercureLaVeranda hotel was rolled out in rich nation island 2007 hind, elegant become high travel in rich nation island for international hotel group the pioneer of the market. And Nuo is rich go vacationing especially the littoral area that the hotel will be located on the island, be apart from hotel of beautiful the rank of nobility only distance of 5 minutes. This goes vacationing by what ESACO and LongBeach develop jointly the hotel has 200 guest room and will 2010 year end complete. Before NovotelPhuQuocResort, preexistence of elegant expensive plan is received 4 crackajack Nuo are rolled out in two years of time that go down rich special hotel. NovotelHalongBay the first international public house that 2008 practice will become the Long Wan below the travel resort with famous whole world. Other will be in the Nuo of Vietnam practice is rich special the hotel still includes NovotelNhaTrang (2008 year end practice) , NovotelHoiAnImperialResort (2009 year end practice) and NovotelHanoiOnThePark (2010 practice) . These hotels will join Nuo rich be in especially big Le (Dalat) with Pan Qie (PhanThiet) hotel network. Vietnam -- the data that one of travel resorts with Asian the rapiddest development publish according to Vietnam tourism total bureau shows, the abroad tourist quantity of Vietnam was achieved 2007 4.2 million, than going up year grew 17.1% . With photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2006, sightseeing tourist measure advances 25.4% , business affairs tourist increases 13.7% . The market of the biggest source that Vietnam travels includes China, South Korea, Japan and United States. Plan of Vietnam tourism total bureau arrives when 2010 obtain abroad tourist quantity 6 million, domestic tourist amount 2, 6 million, tourism year income 4.5 billion dollar. Aisen cypress complement says: "In 20 years of in the past, yagaotong offers the hotel service of international character to enter Vietnam market too. And two brand-new elegant tall hotels will let a group consolidate once more the position that expands the sharpest travel market to go up in this Asia. The office of elegant tall delegate that in Hu Zhiming city sets will help us support existing hotel, government the project before, and more new projects are attracted in Vietnam. "

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