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Of brand of group of our country hotel found promote with value
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Since entering 21 centuries, there is international brand to compete on market of Chinese hotel estate big fight, and the trend acts more jump over intense. International hotel group values the auspicious environment that Chinese economy grows in succession, increase the outspread strength in Chinese market ceaselessly, loot market share, intercontinental, Wendemu, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Hilton, elegant advanced be located in global hotel group the confused of hotel group brand of 300 strong front row confused settle China, brought unprecedented challenge to group of native land hotel. Although industry of our country hotel passed 20 old development to already gained very great success, home shares hotel group to manage a company to make an appointment with 206 at present, degree of collectivize of astral class restaurant already was amounted to 16.22% , but before the competitor with strong international, the weak power position of group of our mainland hotel nots allow to deny: Ethical brand front is facing the risk that is squeezed to give high-end market, medium, low end the osmosis that hotel market also suffers international brand ceaselessly... before the harsh reality that competing, group of our country hotel must ponder over the development road that he did not come to seriously. In fact, in current and intense market competitive environment falls, the importance of hotel group brand more and more protruding shows, the competitive in the final analysis between group of domestic and international hotel is a brand actually contend for, founding well-known trademark already was hotel group a magic weapon in the get the upper hand of in market competition. One, connotation of hotel group brand is unscrambled 1. The concept of brand of group of hotel of connotation of hotel group brand can elaborate from 3 respects: It is hotel group possessory brand, condense restaurant home namely people poineering spirit, management concept and thought, level of management reachs pair of company culture creat. This is opposite undoubtedly the quality of restaurant brand is harmonic praise having conclusive effect. For example: The Kaimengsi Wilson of holiday group; Mr Maliaote of group of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers; The author that Li Saika Er pauses Kaisa Lici; Xierduji's round author Kanglade Hilton. The 2 company brands that are hotel group, common for, it is the name of hotel group, it is the brand that is integral figure with enterprise and company. For example brand of group of hotel of lukewarm heart Mu (Wydham) , brand of intercontinental hotel group (InterContinental) , brand of group of hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers (Marriott) , Hilton hotel group brand (Hilton) etc; Of home have brand of restaurant of international of bright and beautiful river, found a state brand of restaurant of lira of international restaurant brand, sweet case, triumphant Lai. 3 it is the product with hotel subordinate group (service) brand, namely the brand of the particular product that hotel group offers and service. For example the Suofeite below elegant Gao Qi, Nuo is rich special, appropriate is thought of surely, 6 one class equation, motel; Restaurant of the intercontinental below intercontinental banner, imperial crown, holiday, holiday is quick the product brand such as hotel. Hotel group brand is the mark of the product not only, it is the contented consumer such as product quality, function, service more the synthesis of reliable degree shows use product, the connotation of a lot of culture such as the spirit of enterprise with reputation of the science management that at the same time the brand still is condensing restaurant, market, perfect pursuit. Popularly, we also can be behaved from the extension of hotel group brand and connotation expression understands. 2, the brand of the principal port restaurant that restaurant brand founds is changed have its specialty, because fixed house property cannot move, and sheet relies on a restaurant make a contribution a brand extremely hard. Accordingly, restaurant should start a brand, its premise is must collectivize, pass multiform dilate, establish the hotel group that steps an area, form chain brand, show this ability is restaurant brand advantage truly. Development of Chinese restaurant collectivize already undertook 20 old, as a result of market of our country hotel open further meeting international hotel group has entered period of mature, fast the dilate that cross a state, although the collectivize speed of Chinese restaurant also is in,promote, but relative to character, the difference of we and international brand is to be in pull further big. The brand of international of Chinese hotel industry that announced 2006 10 strong in, chinese inland is only " health year " selected, add " sweet case lira " and " the brigade in harbor " , occupy only in all 30% , below the environment that in hotel estate market competition upgrades ceaselessly, more and more business management person people realize the value that establishs a brand, the significant position in realizing the brand competes in the market, in fact, the brand is the competition when restaurant company grows higher level, it is the inspissation of actual strength of competition of restaurant company whole, the loses by force to contain from its brand place value size of integrated competition ability sees company of a restaurant one spot. Can see from inside the graph, in hotel industry, price competition is the ground floor that the market competes, it is quality competition ever since, top layer is brand competition, visible, brand competition is hotel group between the most essential, most the competition of core, the brand is hotel group a magic weapon in the get the upper hand of in intense market competition. Accordingly, found famous restaurant brand, the value that promotes a brand ceaselessly is right of group of the competition ability that enhances hotel group, stimulative hotel grow expand having strength great sense. 2, of hotel group brand found brand of politic hotel group to have very great sense and effect to the development of the enterprise. Accordingly, the brand that has hotel group founds the first issue that becomes restaurant company to develop place to want to be faced with, of hotel group brand founding is a long-term course, promotion of fixed position of program of need course strategy, brand, brand, brand runs the effort that waits for many sided, be participated in what need enterprise fluctuation faculty more jointly and safeguard. 1. Strategic program is the fundamental premise that program of premise brand strategy is brand trend success and safeguard. Of hotel group brand found what must plan in the strategy to lead next in a planned way, measure ground is carried out. Brand strategy plans must the development direction of future of group of hotel of with a view to, agree with the photograph of long-term strategy goal of the enterprise, the advantage that should analyse environment of hotel group market adequately, inferior position, opportunity and menace, the cause that undertaking hotel market fractionize, choice suits oneself to develop is made in detail on the foundation of the market, the guidance that develops a program in brand strategy again ever since issues executive brand fixed position, transmission and brand dilate, purposeful, in the right way accumulates brand culture to the ground, make the asset of restaurant brand gets ceaseless promotion, make restaurant brand has persistent competitive advantage in intense competition thereby. At present international hotel group established the brand strategy program in Chinese dilate in succession, and ground of in an orderly way is in carry out gradually, this is the main reason with increasingly intense competition of market of estate of our country hotel. Sketch map of brand strategy program is as follows: 2. Brand fixed position is the identifying that core brand regards one differentia as dissimilation, the window that having individual character distinguishing feature is a brand and sell a site, also be the incorporeal place of whole brand, successful restaurant brand has very bright individual character distinguishing feature, be like Hilton " quick " , of the holiday " enthusiastic " , of sweet case lira " close affection " , be fond of those who will ascend " value " it is etc in client memory impression is distinct, the trait of this kind of character of the brand originates its successful brand fixed position, brand fixed position highlights brand individual character, it is the crucial location that identifies restaurant product and service. International hotel group has clear, exact brand fixed position, this is the main factor that its raise brand market vitality. Brand fixed position basically includes the content of two respects: ① brand class locates. Restaurant product brand has 3 class, high-grade model brand, intermediate model brand, economy brand, the restaurant brand of 3 kinds of types is satisfied respectively tall, medium, low the consumptive market of 3 grade. Hotel group should develop the strategy according to market demand and enterprise, those who be aimed at target market is different the brand that makes different class. ② brand function locates. Include to go vacationing recreational model, business affairs conference, motel, youth hostel, grow apartment to wait a variety of. As the ceaseless promotion of customer demand level and administrative levels, the function of the brand locates will more and more careful change, the special consumption preference that just can satisfy some type to consume a group better so. The individuation that the brand locates and the trend that specializationing will be development of prospective hotel industry. 3. The service quality that serving quality is crucial restaurant is the core part that makes culture of brand, agglomeration and promotion value. Good service quality is to form the customer satisfaction, only way that reachs customer loyalty then. Accordingly, restaurant should make famous brand, must high grade service quality is mixed as backing prop up, serving quality is the crucial factor that forms a brand. The service cent that restaurant offers is two levels: The standardization that is a foundation serves, restaurant offers board and lodging is two the mankind's mainest demand, must achieve wholesome, comfortable, safe, esteem, convenience, kind the requirement that waits for general character, and the safeguard with these the basiccest requirements is standardization, the hotel group that taller brand value has on the world has comprehensive, strict, meticulous service standard and system to regard quality as safeguard; The 2 individuation that are the passenger source demand that is aimed at correspondence of place of different hotel brand serve, the each stature brand below hotel group division or cent brand need fibrous root locates according to the passenger source of oneself, be made as far as possible and provide the specific aim service with the good place that send a customer, have the service of these for effective demand designs only, the brand just can emerge the United States on fractionize market praise spend and consequence.

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