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Optimal west hotel and company of center of A couplet chief of a tribe cooperate
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On Feburary 20, 2008: Group of optimal west hotel (Best Western International) already with A couplet chief of a tribe one of 100 strong companies, be famous in long already Zainal Mohebi group (ZMG) reached an area to develop an agreement. "The market of optimal west hotel develops politic key to depend on building powerful base in middle east area, " Glenn De Souza of vice-president of operation of international of optimal west Asia expresses, "Economy of middle east region is growing in prosperity, this offerred superexcellent opportunity for hotel industry. " he complements: "To realize the potential of this area, optimal west hotel had reached agreement of a cooperation with ZMG, for middle east hotel development builds a brand, undertake management and supervise. Our purpose country includes initial stage A couplet chief of a tribe, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. "   opens up endowment the hotel of Best Western Residences of 55 million dollar opens business on Feburary 2009, its will be faced short-term with long-term business affairs guest and recreational guest, expect this hotel is entered when first years of operation rate achieve 80% . Best Western Residences is located at the business with A couplet main chief of a tribe to shop area Bur Dubai, be apart from the airport 30 minutes distance, characteristic is the guest room of the bedroom between the small-sized house house that sheet covers and 1~3, every night 300 dollars have the price; Can contain the conference room of 100 people; Bar of station of a weather and an outdoors dining-room. The president of Mohebi Investments company of responsible development holds CEO Mohammed Mohebi concurrently to express: "The tourism that we are in the thalassic area with A couplet chief of a tribe and wider range begins extensive investment and outspread. This to us character is the strategic act of the conception that accords with us to build lead position in home. "     " the investment amount of project of this area tourism is achieved 1 trillion Dilamu, and the investment of A couplet chief of a tribe was held more than 80% among them. 2006 enlighten the passenger amount that do obeisance to broke through 6.5 million person-time. Suppose enlighten the target that do obeisance to is 15 million guests were welcomed 2010, so build more hotel to be become need necessarily, " Mohammed Mohebi says. He still points out: "Thalassic area needs to build public house of the SamSung class of world-class level and 4 stars class especially, this is the staple market domain that international hotel chain fails to be developed appropriately. We are very glad to cooperate with optimal west hotel, cater to the demand of this domain. "   cooperation agreement still appoints Mohebi Aviation company to be in charge of managing optimal west hotel to be in enlighten the international that do obeisance to sells agency (GSA) . Since rose on December 12, 2007, the sale of middle east market that this company already was in charge of chief of a tribe of couplet of Saudi Arabia, A and Kuwait mainly and sale, conduct propaganda and public relations activity. Sale of optimal west market serves district director Chris Chen to express: "Optimal west hotel is developed of purpose enter a country and leave the country the market. Came 8 years in the past, these 3 countries had realized even more for optimal west hotel of the whole world the income of 3 million dollar, the year that goes 5 years mixes increase rate to exceed 40% . Creating agency of a sale is support the another strategy of development, exciting accrual and the staunch clientele group that enlarge us. We expect agency realizes the profit of more than 1 million dollar 3 years in future. "

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