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Intercontinental hotel group is strengthened in China outspread and landed enter
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With numerous the hotel group that gives priority to in order to output administrative pattern is different, the hotel group with maximum number of global guest room -- intercontinental hotel group (InterContinentalHotelsGroup) is increasing strength to execute the autograph with big owner to make an appointment with mode, what be in China in order to realize the brand below the banner is fast and outspread. The mainstream of Chinese hotel industry has turned into " estate development line of business adds transnational corporation brand " , the enterprise that complies with this kind of mode is achieving high speed growth. Outspread recently, global guest room counts group of most hotel of hotel group intercontinental to issue its standard intercontinental of the most top class brand to introduce city of Chinese second line. The 5th hotel that can exhibit tourism group to cooperate with Chengdu -- old hotel of intercontinental of heaven of Chengdu century city opens business formally. In depending on what will sign last year in Feburary making bag government contract, both sides cooperated in all 6 hotels, distributing in Sichuan channel of 9 stockaded village is mixed churchyard of the Chengdu City, used brand of the intercontinental with intercontinental hotel subordinate group, holiday and quick holiday hotel. Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, another public house that both sides already signed those who be located in Chengdu to manage with the brand of imperial crown holiday with intercontinental hotel subordinate group, this will be intercontinental and Chengdu another hotel in can exhibiting tourism group to cooperate. It is reported, intercontinental hotel group and the number of hotel guest room that Chengdu can extend project of tourism group collaboration to already was involved are as high as 6000, achieved foreign capital hotel and in endowment second autograph makes an appointment with property sheet the record with guest room maximum number. In the meantime, 23 line cities of China of preexistence of rate of intercontinental hotel group with " business of a development a group many hotels brand " development mode also is become trade window. Intercontinental hotel group was ranked the 4th year continuously 2007 world hotel group the 1st, be in China also is guest room number is had most. Tall harbour of CEO of whole world of intercontinental hotel group comes gentleman (AndrewCosslett) accepted our newspaper reporter on January 28, 2008 express when the special interview, "The hotel was added newly to come from intercontinental hotel group in what China has 40% 2006, china already became intercontinental to be in the 3rd big market of the whole world, be next to the United States and England. " the main gain 2006 comes from intercontinental hotel group at mode of 3 kinds of business, among them 50%-60% manages in concessionary accredit centrally, be had directly or the income that belt endowment hotel manages is occupied about 20% the left and right sides, and administrative output holds the proportion that remain. Tall harbour will emphasize. "Chinese market still lacks the property that owns administrative experience truly, accordingly, intercontinental is in China at present all projects are the way that exports through management, did not use belt endowment to manage or concessionary join in means. " tall harbour will say, also can strive for more capital and energy to be thrown in order to be used at what build to hotel brand for intercontinental hotel group so. From 2006-2007 year global hotel can see on sheet of optimal brand a list of names posted up, performance of intercontinental hotel group is good. Its subordinate holiday hotel holds rank whole world two years continuously the 2nd. Its number of quick guest room added another brand holiday 10028, the rank rises to the 7th, holiday of imperial crown of brand of its high end also increases the scale of 15.6% to rise somewhat on the rank with guest room number. Mode before this, intercontinental hotel group already already introduced 4 hotels brand in all in chinese mainland area, include intercontinental hotel to reach go vacationing village (hotel of holiday of InterContinental) , imperial crown and go vacationing village (hotel of CrownPlaza) , holiday and go vacationing village (HolidayInn) and quick holiday hotel (HolidayInnExpress) . Distinguish Yu Shimao and happy event to amount to the means that group of hotel of house, triumphant Yue cooperates with all possible means, intercontinental hotel group more apt " business of a development a group many hotels brand " develop pattern. And intercontinental from hind kind trade obtained in mode trade inferiorly cost and time cost, form long-term strategic alliance with property, also acquire position of stronger market speech power stage by stage at the same time. Make an appointment with hotel project to look from the autograph that at present intercontinental hotel group already announced in China, its besides be good at just signing package agreement with owner, more be good at be in China 23 lines city unplugs so that the head prepares. In December 2007, hotel group passes intercontinental to keep benefit estate with China (group) the wholy-owned subsidiary of Inc. signs a similar strategic cooperation agreement, became the first when enter Guangzhou Fosan to exceed brand of 5 stars hotel not only, also obtained Baolide to produce at the same time (71.33, - 2.25, - 3.06% , ) the contract of many hotel government that is located in and other places of Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu. Personage of know the inside story discloses, intercontinental hotel group already also sought right property in Shanghai, in project of hotel of home of prospective general know exactly about sth the autograph is made an appointment with. What tall harbour will still plan to grow Chinese business is more crucial one pace chess is pressed on quick holiday brand. "Be in China, we still will continue the autograph of continue to use and big owner makes an appointment with mode, in order to realize the fast dilate that quick holiday brand is in China. " tall harbour will say at the same time, quick holiday will differ somewhat with the strategy of other trademark, will take the lead in from China most the city of a gleam of for example the central city such as Beijing, Shanghai begins dilate. Zhao Huanyan of expert of senior hotel information says, property of domestic public house from open source of gold of city of the Song Dynasty of yuan of travel industry, Hangzhou, century to arrive garden of laurel of rich force, green jade, medium female, Xi Xi invests development limited company to wait, the hotel estate investor of these landed setting treats subordinate item in light of the perspective with commercial real estate, basically be to adopt so " brand of international of own development project manages " mode, this gives intercontinental brands of such renowned international hotel bring an opportunity. The rapid and outspread buy time that the package agreement of exclusiveness will be in China for intercontinental and trade cost.

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