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Quick holiday hotel: Be in economy and wasteful between
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Enter a public house, the downstage service that can see a few wear red to subdue jacket is born to be like with English and foreign passenger answer stream, but disregard their heavy baggage however, because here does not offer baggage to carry a service, the passenger can use berth to be in gate mouth or the luggage barrow proper motion of floor elevator mouth solves a problem; The room is clean and neat, you can sleep good become aware, develop a shower, but cannot bubble bath; You can use your notebook computer to get online in the room, but if want to print, fax service of other perhaps business affairs, can oneself go to business affairs center, over there equipment everything needed is ready, service instruction is stuck on the wall; You can enjoy free breakfast in dining-room, can choose to go out to lunch only however with dinner; You can be bought in the hotel those who eat drink use, but only bureau be confined to sells in automatic sale machine... the Mei Long greenbelt that this is commander of intercontinental hotel group is quick holiday hotel. Is this to describing an economy public house? "Not! " vice-president Nie Zhuo Xian says strategy of area of big China of intercontinental hotel group, "Quick holiday hotel (ExpressbyHolidayInn) is not economy hotel, it is interpose a between economy hotel and full service hotel intermediate brand. " allegedly, nie Zhuoxian turned from hotel of old boss Ai Mei in March 2005 can arrive intercontinental, what is the responsibility that a lot of people that connect intercontinental interior at that time do not know he is specific, till start business of hotel of the first quick holiday. So far, intercontinental hotel group leaves in Chinese altogether gave hotel of 7 quick holidays. Intermediate course " interpose at both between " the expression that is not quite good understanding. In fact, quick holiday hotel and the give uncecessary details of differential need not that serve a hotel completely, but what difference does quick holiday and economy hotel have after all? Perhaps be the fractionize difference of the price. The average price of quick holiday hotel compares economy hotel tower above 30% ~ 40% , considering the difference of weak busy season, the price is in 250 ~ between 400 yuan of RMBs, and the price of economy hotel is maintained commonly in 150 ~ 300 yuan between. Perhaps be the target consumes group of fractionize differences. Bussiness trip business affairs guest is quick holiday the biggest the most frequent consumption group, nie Zhuoxian says they are " driveway soldier " -- these people are a company to the person in foremost edge, often need to be away on official business, and bussiness trip purpose will work to be finished very as far as possible namely. The situation that sees quick holiday can understand this fixed position better. Apparently won't tourist chooses to be here, because be cost even everyday,40 yuan take a taxi or take time squeezes public transportation, subway painfully to go into town. But here leaves Min Hang industrial district of village of industrial garden, Shen and garden of black bamboo science are very close, about a hundred enterprise provided passenger flow of many business affairs for quick holiday -- another opens the quick holiday hotel that is in the ground on Beijing to also have similar geographical advantage. Accordingly, visit the company all round the hotel ceaselessly, make the public house deciding a dot that quick holiday becomes these company staff to be away on official business, this makes the sale instrument with quick the most important holiday. The quick holiday of the ground on Beijing and associate the contract between the group, namely best paradigmatic. The sale is become now hold plum Gansu greenbelt the between job when Qiu You of general manager of quick holiday hotel is most, weekly Qiu Youqi piles up the potential client that should visit area of circumjacent industry garden 3 times, among them, most crucial one step is the budget bussiness trip that understands different company staff. "They choose Xu Jiahui previously, want to take a taxi to wear each industrial garden high through Shanghai Min every morning, blocking a car up is constant some thing. " Qiu You says, "From us the hotel set out to shorten greatly time, the budget bussiness trip that wants them only so allows, can live here " . Open up the job that a brand-new fractionize market is an unusual hardship, the fluctuation that faces because of you two end are matures more market, they have relatively fixed passenger flow, quick holiday needs an inter to search up and down, dig a client from two end. Qiu You also has had the company that makes a budget inferior to increase a budget, the company that makes a budget taller reduces a budget, enter the experience of quick holiday finally, but such circumstance is not much -- the stuff bussiness trip that always a few enterprises insist to let his lives 5 stars hotel, also the enterprise insists to pay less bussiness trip fee as far as possible. Quick holiday also is not the first puts forward fixed position to compare economy hotel more the hotel of demand of guest of high end, contented business affairs. A person that such saying is Ji Qi, this carries Cheng and the associated author that are like the home, in if established after the home,leave " Chinese front courtyard " , allege for a time want fixed position to be in intermediate, be aimed at business affairs guest, the price at that time is in 300 yuan the following. But after 2 years today, had heard Chinese front courtyard rarely still talking " intermediate " or " business affairs " , its had dropped in the partial room price of Shanghai Beijing defeat 200 yuan, keep balance basically with the hotel that be like the home. Frankly speaking, the state unavoidable that appears to go downward, since serve sort to do not have too big difference with what offer like the home, who to make clear very hard more high end, and if if the home is coessential,be mixed,spend competition, than spelling the price with respect to unavoidable. The case that begins the economy that competition turns white-hot with each passing day hotel from last year was showing this, make economic hotel chain simply very can easy with standardization ground ego duplicates and outspread, but also went to the lavatory of competitor duplicate. The competitor that fortunately quick holiday compares these become a monk late in life exceeds hotel operation experience of 50 years many pieces, and the support that still has group of whole intercontinental hotel rear. The most apparent paradigmatic be, at present the administrative layer of quick holiday hotel comes from the full service hotel of intercontinental hotel general mostly, hotel of another when the general manager king of hotel of quicker than Tuo of general of as above sea holiday opens flourish to come from commander of intercontinental hotel group full service -- imperial crown; And the Qiu You that comes out from holiday hotel, the job before this is the guest room management of responsible holiday hotel. How reflecting product and service quality is better than economy hotel, perhaps consult of a full service intermediate the hotel is good idea, so say to quick false recently, holiday hotel is pretty good consult content. For instance its guest room offers the quilt of eider down quality of a material and pillow, the pillow still is offerred soft hard two kinds; Guest room uses central air conditioning; Shower room is aspersed with the flower of TOTO, the shampoo bath dew of LUX, the hair dryer that closet deploys 1200w and be born by force wash one's hands fluid... and in economy hotel, these things are not to call what the sign perhaps does not say to give character to go up normally. But can quick holiday support such cost? Perhaps than the guest room price with economy high hotel enough supports these cost. As we have learned, there had been a part to realize gain in hotel of 7 of practice quick holidays 2006 oneself. More important is, begin from 2007, quick holiday begins to be carried out in China concessionary manage, come so, go up ten million yuan charge of set up shop does not need intercontinental hotel him group to assume. Quick standard does not pass, quick holiday need gives them a version, a version that can duplicate quickly. The data that intercontinental hotel provides shows, since intercontinental hotel extended brand of quick holiday hotel in the whole world 2005, had had 1700 start business hotel and many 600 are in build a public house; And the hotel spent its brotherly brand holiday to be as long as 50 years time just built 1500 public houses. Fast dilate, it is the meaning that this brand founds and extends. The group that this is in China to intercontinental hotel is a challenge. On January 10, 2008 afternoon at 2 o'clock, 78 people that wear navy suit are surrounded sit in greenbelt of Shanghai plum Gansu in the assembly room of quick holiday hotel. This moment, the double of district director Lin Jiang of quick holiday hotel reachs area of big China of intercontinental hotel group in the center of assembly room, he wears formfitting navy suit as much, wind still is fastening " ExpressbyHolidayInn " badge, this is commander of intercontinental hotel group the mark sex of layer of management of quick holiday hotel is worn outfit. Chant ground asks Lin Xiaoyin: "Lunch eats how, what is there different? " a manageress answers: "Took side of two long-corn flesh repeatedly, taste is good still. " forest still smile, cut a theme quickly nevertheless -- this problem is not help the daily life of a family, want to make everybody clear however, "In quick holiday hotel, the important rate of consistency " . In the each door inn of quick holiday hotel, have same bill of fare, provide identical food, how many salt is put to have strict regulation in connecting food -- because live,the guest of the hotel is strange person apparently, do not need the local taste of overmuch consideration hotel seat. This is forest opening remarks. His mainest responsibility, it is to assess hotel of every quick holiday whether according to the standard operation that agrees strictly. Nevertheless, in forest begin to the manager that be present people before explaining hotel operation level, he needs to give them brainwashing first, let them will " consistency " this word is engraved in brain deeply, layer upon layer communicate go down. These managers people the hotel of other full service that comes from commander of intercontinental hotel group mostly, over, revealing personality is one of direction of management of every hotel, the dress that connects a clerk even has each different. But in quick holiday, individual character must be subject to thoroughly the major premise of consistency: Guest room layout must exactly like, inside the hotel same, every public house is same, must mix even between the example that is set in Shanghai Pudong to spend banner edifice exactly like; You can choose to use the blower of what brand and big TV set, but hair drier must be 1200w, and the television also must be 42 inches; You can choose the manufacturing business that employee subdues, can choose thick stripe or pinstripe, but the color that cannot choose to subdue, the scale of the cotton in quality of a material of more unalterable uniform and chemical fibber. Lin Jiang's job begins from 30 days before hotel start business, he must want to decide whether all establishment reach the public house the standard that quick holiday sets, otherwise cannot practice -- he is more than also the practice time of ground defer hotel. Even if the hotel of practice, also must accept Lin Jiang every 3 months 1 supervisory examination, he once had prevented one door inn decisively to undertake " guest room does not bring breakfast " sales promotion, "Our guest room is certainly those who contain free breakfast " , to this, lin Fei often says stoutly. With the outspread pattern with economy different hotel, perhaps can control quality and standard in order to help quick holiday better. The major economy that includes to be like the home inside at present hotel is to use buy or rent property such low cost means is outspread, especially in order to rent former hotel property or storehouse changes economy hotel be in the majority. The Beijing 2 years ago, if you tell a taxi driver to go,the princess is like a hotel graveyard, be sure very few person knows, but if you say original Han steel guesthouse, there are 8 to know certainly in 10 drivers... but so outspread consequence is, measurement of every hotel room may be different, some rooms do not have a window certainly, even of closet hydraulic different wait a moment greatly. Quick holiday is used concessionary management mode, with home large land agent cooperates, the dimensions that cooperates every time reachs tens of homes in several, mix in Shanghai for instance the collaboration of greenbelt group, the quick holiday such as Mei Long, Pu Tuo is the property of greenbelt group. More important is, it is to build property entirely, build completely according to the requirement of quick holiday. According to Introduction Lin Jiang, before the hotel is finished basically, quick holiday can be built first, later of every guest room decorate a requirement must with example exactly like, otherwise cannot practice. But present challenge depends on, china is concessionary management market just starts, and the quick holiday demand to each hotel is approximately slashing, the concessionary management plan that this decided to it is carried out in China has very long way to want. But if cannot realize fast dilate, this brand also lost quick holiday meaning. Mode comments on what wait for economy chain hotel like the home in those days to rise abruptly, it is the change of a revolutionary type to hotel industry of China, hotel industry this spins hammer of the part intermediate " limited service " the market became what have investment value most is big popular. No matter be Chinese front courtyard, still be intercontinental hotel, as the successor that is like the home, they hope to be in " different " fluctuation kongfu, affix such as to oneself " intermediate " , " business affairs " wait for label. Divisional standard nothing more than it is subtle price distinction, different room detail is decorated wait. As belong to together " limited service " the hotel of the type, the improved edition that they can be the mode that be like the home only or multistage is improved edition. By nature, commercial pattern is not put in too big distinction. Return like domestic times after will appear finer fixed position differentiates, but in hotel industry, because,can not be only you beforehand set locates in which can make your corresponding market naturally. In limited service market, client experience is exclusive and main factor. This is meant, the executive force of hotel itself detail is mainer than commercial pattern factor, otherwise because price war returns same ground,these hotels are met again finally. Tell from some kind of meaning, as the player's grow in quantity, market of limited service hotel is entering a brand to break up level gradually.

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